Tabernacle Weight Room Project

The building continues…Tabernacle Christian School Athletics has long saw the need for a new weight room facility to be built.  Playing on words: Tabernacle needed a building to build athletes.  The necessity of an efficient, equipped weight room to the overall athletic program cannot be understated.  A competitive advantage is immediately gained when power and speed is added to the athlete’s arsenal of skill.  Strength added to a softball swing, a football block, and a basketball box out immediately improves the likelihood of success for the Tabernacle athlete.

But…the building continues.  More than building strength and speed…more than gaining more opportunities to win – the building of character will also take place in our new weight room.  Discipline, perseverance, and determination will be ingrained in our athlete’s attitude and in our athlete’s character.  In a society that lacks a real pursuit of these three characteristics, Tabernacle Christian seeks to develop athletes that will embody these three:  In and Out of the weight room.  Discipline - that requires godly decisions (II Tim. 2:22).  Perseverance - to cling to God’s promises (I Thess. 5:24).  Determination - to run the Christian race for the Lord’s honor (I Cor. 9:24). We desire that the weight room will indeed build our young people:  In competitive advantage and in godly character.

The weight room project has been spearheaded by our Varsity Football coach, Wayne Dabbs.  As conversation began for the project in the winter fall of 2010, it was apparent that we needed a tremendous amount of support from everyone in the Tabernacle family.  We have seen that very outpouring of support and donations from parents, alumni, students, coaches, and church members.  It has truly been exciting to see another great Tabernacle “team” take shape, come together, and accomplish much.  This team has poured hours into fundraising:  T-Shirt Sales, Boston Butt Sales (twice), Golf Scramble (twice), VIP Cards, Pancake Breakfast, and Yard Sale –just to name several.  Coach Dabbs direction and determination have been outstanding.

Though still work to be done, we have been privileged to see the walls come up, the paint applied, the mats laid, the electricity turned on, and the weights purchased.  This two level complex will still need more attention, but the building of Tabernacle Christian athletes will begin very soon.   


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